Why Should You Use Organic Laundry Projects?

Why Should You Use Organic Laundry Projects? Many people do laundry every day. When we wash our clothes, our bodies come in contact with the detergents we use. Yet, many don’t realize those detergents could damage our health – or the environment.

Synthetic detergents can cause skin irritation, like itching and rashes. Some people have reported feeling nauseated or having a headache after doing their laundry. Common laundry detergent ingredients, like chlorine bleach, can cause skin damage or allergic reactions.

If your detergent has a floral fragrance, it can also lead to eventual respiratory problems. You may be surprised to learn some laundry detergent fragrances can contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde has been shown to cause allergies – and may even cause cancer. It also makes many people feel sick.

Some studies show that phthalates (fragrance carriers) can cause respiratory problems. Read on – Why Should You Use Organic Laundry Projects?

Foaming agents spell danger

Foaming agents (like sodium laurel sulfate) are considered the most dangerous ingredient in these products. These chemicals can seep into the skin – and then into the bloodstream. Studies show these agents are retained in your heart, liver, and brain. Prolonged use has also been shown to lead to cancer.

If you suffer from rosacea, psoriasis, or eczema, many commercial detergents can worsen these. After prolonged use of these detergents, your skin is severely affected.

Synthetic detergents also include optical brighteners. These chemicals give you the illusion that your clothes are brighter after washing. But they don’t truly brighten the laundry. Instead, they merely leave brightening chemicals in your clothes.

You may have even tried making your laundry soap. But, to truly clean clothes, you need a powerful detergent. You also want to be sure you use something eco-friendly.

Can Detergent Be Chemical-Free?

Why Should You Use Organic Laundry Projects?

No laundry product is entirely free of chemicals. But the chemicals in organic detergents are not toxic.

Knowing this, you can see why you should try organic laundry detergents. With a minimum of effort, you can find organic laundry products. They are manufactured by a production process that doesn’t use any toxins. They will leave your clothes clean, comfortable, and non-irritating.

Here are some the reasons to use organic laundry detergents:

Don’t Do the Residue

Organic laundry detergents don’t leave residue on your clothes. Residue cannot only irritate your skin but can also be uncomfortable. Organic laundry detergents also rinse off quickly. Organic detergents always leave your clothes feeling light and fresh. Since they also take less time to rinse, they save time and water.

2 Less Irritating Fragrance

Unlike the scent of regular detergent, organic detergents have a natural smell. The fragrance will not damage your lungs. Organic detergents are often made of essential oils or contain fresh citrus zest. Some organic detergents may add herbs, like lavender, to provide a soothing fragrance.

3 You’ll save money.

Buying organic detergent will save you money over time. The initial cost may be higher than commercial detergent. However, you will save money on water and save time. You will also have fewer doctor visits. In the end, you will save money.

4 Organics are Eco-Friendly.

Organic detergents are friendlier for the environment. When you wash your clothes with regular detergent, the wastewater has to go somewhere. The wastewater flows into our local water system. Its toxins don’t break down, and they cause considerable harm to the ecosystem.

When regular detergent is produced, their production uses petrochemicals. These solutions are similar to gasoline. Petrochemicals diffuse toxins into the air and can also damage the ecosystem.

The chemicals in the detergents can poison fish and other wildlife. The chemicals also seep into the earth. There is a risk of the toxins flowing into your drinking water.

5 Organic cleaners do a better job.

Most homemakers believe their commercial laundry detergents will clean their clothes. However, traditional detergents only mask the odors in clothes. They don’t permanently remove clothes stains or even all the dirt.

In contrast, organic laundry products use enzymes to break down stains. These enzymes also eliminate dirt, grease, and grime.

Another benefit of organic detergent is the need for a lower water temperature. This saves you even more money on your energy bill.

Washing your clothes at a lower temperature makes your colors last longer. Lower temperatures also cause less clothing shrinkage.

6 You’ll know the right amount to use.

Even when regular detergent has a measuring cap, you may wonder how much to use. In addition, some studies have shown commercial detergents are made mostly of water.

Organic detergent is concentrated, and it dissolves quickly in water. A container of organic detergent will therefore last longer.

7 Organic Detergents are Better for Your Washing Machine

You should use cold or warm water with organic detergent. This is because hot water would deactivate the bio-enzymes. Because organic detergent doesn’t require a high temperature, it saves energy.

The chemicals used in organic detergent are not toxic. Therefore, they do not cause build-up on washing machines. Organic detergents don’t cause build-up. They also help clean the washing machine.

If you wonder what ingredients are used in organic detergents, they include:

  • Neem Essence (tree oil)
  • Lime Citric Salt
  • Plant-based Foam Producers (like decyl glycoside)
  • Rock Salt (for removing dirt)
  • Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda to remove odors)
  • Bio Enzymes (amylase, lipase, or subtilisin) to lift stains
  • Palm or coconut oils
  • Coconut Acid (for cleansing)
  • Lactic Acid (for softening)

Although some organic laundry products don’t include scents, many have essential oils. As mentioned above, these can consist of fruit oil, fruit zest, or herbs.

As you can see, you should use organic laundry products for all your laundry. However, using non-toxic products with babies and children is even more critical. Babies have the most sensitive skin, but children also need special consideration.

Organic laundry detergent is ideal for this task. You can feel confident knowing your kids’ clothes will be clean and soft.

After you use organic detergent, you should dry your clothes outdoors. This will save the energy of using a dryer. It will also leave your clothes with a fresh, clean smell. You can dry clothes on a drying rack if the weather is poor.

Why Should You Use Organic Laundry Projects? – Conclusion

Why Should You Use Organic Laundry Projects?

Take a look at all the above advantages of organic laundry products. As you can see, there are adequate reasons to seek and use these detergents. You’ll save time and money. In addition, your health, skin, and protection of the earth will reap the benefits. And these benefits are worth the effort.

We hope you enjoyed and learned something from this article, “Why Should You Use Organic Laundry Projects?

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